Pioneer’s New WiFi-enabled XDJ-AERO Controller (Video)

The advent of digital DJing removed the jumps and skips of vinyl, while introducing a bad case of cable spaghetti, as spinners bring their own kit to the party. Pioneer saw that, and has finally cut them free with the new XDJ-AERO. The WiFi-enabled DJ controller lets you load up the next Moombahcore banger direct from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC — with support for four connected devices at once. This also means that the audience can get involved in the track selection — a la Nexus Q — but you might want to keep that fact quiet. The XDJ-AERO is designed to work with Pioneer’s own rekordbox application, but can also be use as a MIDI controller for other popular software. On the actual hardware-side of things, there’s a built-in 24-bit audio interface, two-channel mixer (which can be used standalone) plus the usual array of cue-point triggers, FX and filters we’ve come to expect. What price does the cutting of cables command? £869 (about $1,399), and the beat can begin some time later this month. Can’t wait ’til then? Drop past the break for the ridiculously cool video (and slightly less cool press release).

How To Use The Vari-Fi plugin in Pro Tools 10

You probably heard them today! Right, I am talking about the turntable slow down effects and pitch effects which are still very trendy in nowadays pop music. Pro Tools Vari-Fi plugin handles these effects as one of the best in the ballpark.

Check out this video tutorial to find out more about how to use the Vari-Fi plugin of Avids Pro Tools and learn how to create these fancy vocal effects.

Vintage King’s VKLA Showroom

Meticulously designed, built, and fine-tuned by Rob Maune of Sound and Structure, this space provides a gorgeously transparent listening environment that’s ideal for comparing speakers of all sizes. A custom-built Dangerous Music speaker switcher sits at shootout central, networking six pairs of soffit-mounted speakers and over twenty pairs of nearfield and midfield speakers from the likes of ATC, Barefoot, PMC, Genelec, ADAM, Focal, Dynaudio, ProAc, and others. We’ve also stocked the room with an AWS 948 by SSL and the API 1608, tied to an Avid HDX system, letting you explore the consoles as well as every professional AD/DA on the market. Converters by Avid, Apogee, Burl, Lynx, Mytek, UA, Metric Halo, Lavry, Weiss, and more can be spread out over one of the consoles and seamlessly compared in stereo and/or multi-channel configurations. Beyond that, you can call up a selection of the world’s best outboard effects processors from Bricasti, Lexicon, Eventide, and TC Electronics, and immerse yourself in the purest form of digital verb imaginable.

Parrot Zik Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

For audiophiles, Bluetooth headphones have always been suspect, but the Parrot Zik headphones address the issues that typically plague wireless headsets. There’s the design pedigree, with Philippe Starck creating an elegant and sleek aesthetic with comfortable earcups that completely enclose the ear. Instead of using buttons, a simple finger swipe up the back of the right earcup turns up the volume, while a swipe forward advances the track list. Taking off the headset pauses the music. In terms of connectivity, just tapping your NFC-equipped phone to one of the earcups completes the pairing. Active noise cancellation contributes to superior sound, while bone-conduction technology cancels noise when you have to take a call. Images via: hayabusa

Beauty & Youth x MUG x Porter PC Rucksack

The people behind MUG has been a consistent partner with Porter, initiating their own line of items including their PC RUCKSACK. In a new release of their utilitarian style, they’ve added a third partner in Beauty & Youth to put some creative spins on the color schemes. Functionality aside, the teal colorway is a stand-out alongside a more reliable black version. The bag’s interior houses an internal sleeve for a laptop while the overall body is made of CORDURA. The bag is available now at MUG.

Pensado’s Place #65 – Producer and Writer Damon Elliott


In the 65th episode of Pensado’s Place, Dave and Herb are joined by Producer and Writer Damon Elliott! ”Elliott has produced numerous albums and hit singles for various music artists including his mother, Dionne Warwick, as well as Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, P!nk, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, Mýa, and Macy Gray. Damon’s production has earned him a Grammy and seven Grammy nominations.” –

All Hail The Beat: Roland TR-808 By Nelson George


Check out this dope short film from Nelson George on the Roland TR-808. The director talks with Arthur Baker, Juan Atkins and D Nice about the legendary machine that basically started it all. Although the 808 has not been manufactured since 1984 and most producers haven’t even seen one, the machine remains a staple and backbone. All Hail The Beat made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival to rave reviews.