Jay Z and Beyoncé Top Forbe’s List of the Highest-Earning Celebrity Couples


Jay Z and Beyoncé are two of the savviest businesspeople in entertainment, they made more than any other celebrity couple this year with an estimated $95 million USD in earnings between June 2012 and June 2013. Jay Z’s recent Watch the Throne world tour brought in $1.4 million USD per night in America, while Beyoncé’s Mrs. Carter world tour grossed an average $2 million USD per night. Head on over to forbes.com for the complete list of this year’s power couples.

Forbes Names The Highest Paid Electronic DJ’s of 2013


We all know every year Forbes releases a list of the highest grossing musicians; we know this because our beloved rappers often flaunt their ranking every chance they get. But did you know the longtime print stalwart also groups together the biggest earners among electronic DJs? Well, it does. Taking into account revenue from live shows, endorsements, merchandise sales, studio sales and external business ventures, its seems Calvin Harris topped the list passing last year’s champion Tiësto. Having signed on to play more than 70 shows over a two-year period at the Las Vegas megaclub Hakkasan, Harris is reported to have made more than both Jay Z and Kate Perry. Honorable mentions go to David Guetta, deadmau5, Skillrex, Steve Aoki, Diplo and even DJ Pauly D. For a more information head over to Forbes.

Russell Simmons & Steve Rifkind to Launch Youtube-based Label Through Universal Music


Def Jam’s Russell Simmons and Loud Records’ Steve Rifkind are joining forces with UMG to launch All Def Music. With the internet playing A&R more and more, two of hip-hop’s greatest moguls look to use Youtube as a tool to promote and develop talent. Rifkind, who is responsible for signing Wu-Tang Clan and Mobb Deep among others, will serve as the labels president and CEO. The two will be working alongside Brian Robbins who founded the children’s YouTube network AwesomenessTV, which DreamWorks Animation recently purchased for a reported 33 million dollars. UMG chairman Lucian Grainge made the following statement about the venture:

The launch of All Def Music is a part of our broader strategy to partner with some of the most experienced entrepreneurs in media and technology to identify future stars and develop powerful content on the world’s fastest growing media platform.

Visit The Guardian by clicking here for more information.

Google London Headquarters by Penson

Google‘s new London headquarters by designers PENSON features Union Jack flags, balcony gardens and allotments where staff can grow vegetables (see gallery). The Google Super HQ is located in the Renzo Piano-designed Central St. Giles Building in Covent Garden and contains indoor and outdoor workplaces, a gym, a dance studio, a cafe and a 200-person event room named the “Town Hall”. Communal areas are furnished like old-fashioned living rooms with rocking chairs, high-back armchairs and woollen pouffes. The outdoor workplaces are referred to as “Secret Gardens” and comprise balcony seats surrounded by hedgerows. Tiny lights pick out the outline of the familiar Google logo, which hangs from the ceiling above the reception desk. Last year PENSON also completed a London office for Google’s engineers, while architects Scott Brownrigg previously designed an office for Google near Buckingham Palace.

Vintage King’s VKLA Showroom

Meticulously designed, built, and fine-tuned by Rob Maune of Sound and Structure, this space provides a gorgeously transparent listening environment that’s ideal for comparing speakers of all sizes. A custom-built Dangerous Music speaker switcher sits at shootout central, networking six pairs of soffit-mounted speakers and over twenty pairs of nearfield and midfield speakers from the likes of ATC, Barefoot, PMC, Genelec, ADAM, Focal, Dynaudio, ProAc, and others. We’ve also stocked the room with an AWS 948 by SSL and the API 1608, tied to an Avid HDX system, letting you explore the consoles as well as every professional AD/DA on the market. Converters by Avid, Apogee, Burl, Lynx, Mytek, UA, Metric Halo, Lavry, Weiss, and more can be spread out over one of the consoles and seamlessly compared in stereo and/or multi-channel configurations. Beyond that, you can call up a selection of the world’s best outboard effects processors from Bricasti, Lexicon, Eventide, and TC Electronics, and immerse yourself in the purest form of digital verb imaginable.

CNET Is Now Facing Hundreds of Millions In Piracy Infringement Penalties

What’s wrong with reviewing and deep-linking to thousands upon thousands of potentially infringing applications? According to a just-issued decision by federal judge Dale S. Fischer, a number of editorial policies by CBS-owned C|Net could generate liabilities in the hundreds of millions of dollars. ”Our evidence will show that not only do they have vicarious liability, but C|Net actually embedded links from their web pages to thousands of known copyrighted songs,” plaintiff David Alki of FilmOn.org declared, on behalf of a coalition of artists.

“That puts a giant ‘I’ on inducement.”

Fischer allowed the Alki-led suit to proceed, specifically on charges of copyright inducement at Download.com. That Supreme Court precedent, established back in 2005, holds that companies are liable for infringement if they knowingly encourage and profit from illegal application usage. In the case of MGM vs. Grokster, that involved goading customers to download all sorts of copyrighted material while banking on the traffic, regardless of non-infringing uses.

Fast-forward to 2012, and C|Net – and by default, CBS – now seem to fit that test. For example, reviewers routinely published detailed reviews of applications that have now been proven illegal by the courts. And, along the way, they’ve taken screenshots of illegal usage, while profiting from the adviews and traffic.

“The focus of the case now shifts from the question of liability to the question of damages for our many plaintiffs.” -attorney Jaime Marquart of Baker Marquart.

That also includes referral bonuses, including for judged criminal Limewire. Indeed, C|Net hailed Limewire as ‘the new Napster’ while receiving cash for every resulting download. ”CBS was well aware that these software applications were used overwhelmingly to infringe when they first partnered with Limewire and other P2P providers, but ignored it in exchange for a steady stream of income,” the original complaint alleges.

But an important defense emerges: what if C|Net is being held liable for applications that had not yet been judged infringing by the courts? For example, Limewire was battling for years before getting shut down, and serious questions surrounded its legality. So why should C|Net be held accountable for an innocent site, prior to being proven guilty?

May 4, 2011: “Messy! Artist Coalition Suing CBS, C|Net for ‘Mass-Scale’ Infringement…”

Well, here’s one reason: some of the reviews actually show examples of piracy, ie, artist downloads for the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Usher, Rihanna and Eminem, in one review for MP3Rocket for example. On that topic, judge Fischer noted that C|Net could have easily avoided inducement liability if download.com had merely offered editorials or direct-links to download, but not both simultaneously.

“Defendants here are alleged to have distributed specific P2P software, while simultaneously providing explicit commentary on that software’s effectiveness in infringing copyright. Such behavior moves beyond opinion into the realm of conduct and does not directly implicate any First Amendment issues.” -Digital Music News

‘Attic – Concept Office’ by Vasiliy Butenko

The interior design of the concept office ‘Attic’ by Vasiliy Butenko uses an open loft plan to divide the room into a more enjoyable workspace. Combining the use of a smaller building for the working area, the space transforms into the centerpiece of the interior with high vaulted ceilings and ample room for interacting. Alongside an spacious lounge area and meeting room, the office also provides a the use of a full concrete washroom, making any employee feel at home. The extension of a terrace provides an alternative place to relax and absorb views of the ocean during lunch breaks or through the glass while working inside the designated office environment.