Foster The People – Coming of Age (Mural Time-Lapse)

The mural was created by Mark Foster and artist Young & Sick and painted by L.A. street artists Daniel Lahoda, Leba and Vyal. At seven stories high, it is one of the largest public murals in the United States. The band played a free show at the base of the mural in January to announce the release of “Supermodel.” Watch a ime-lapse video of the creation of the mural below.

Foster the People are currently touring the world in support of the release of “Supermodel.”

COPE2 Bowery & Houston Mural


Longstanding graffiti artist COPE2, who began his tenure in the late ’70s, recently painted the corner of Bowery & Houston, New York. Without departing far from his trademark “wildstyle” aesthetics, the South Bronx native blended bubble lettering with various traditional graffiti elements in one vibrant rendition. Alongside his signature throw ups, partner in crime INDIE 184 also added to the mural, presenting a compelling piece in homage of New York’s graffiti culture. Check out the mural here and head to COPE2′s Instagram to keep track of his work.

Jeff Koons Designs Mega Yacht “Guilty”


Greek Cypriot industrialist and art collector Dakis Joannou recently commissioned Jeff Koons and Italian yacht designer Ivana Porfiri to design him a mega yacht. A floating piece of art, “Guilty” measures in at 115-feet long and ranks as Koons’ largest project to date. Inspired by British naval camouflage from World War I, the yachts exterior features bold geometric designs that include alternating yellow rhombuses, pink triangles and blue polygons.
The yacht’s interior walls and ceilings are all white, with extremely large windows to maximize natural lighting. Highlighting the space, a central staircase turns from pinkish violet to galactic blue and finally warm yellow. The main cabin encompasses the top deck, with 180-degree views and the word “Feelings” hanging in neon lights above the bed, the master bedroom also has a private terrace. The four guest cabins feature “museum-worthy” works, while the living room is decorated with Italian Radical Design furniture.

Banksy Ends “Better Out Than In” with Inflatable Throw-Up and Souvenir T-Shirt


Banksy ends his month-long residency on the streets of New York with an inflatable throw-up on the Long Island Expressway in Queens. The last piece from “Better Out Than In” sits above other tags in a used car lot. For his last piece, the English artist included an audio guide poking fun at himself and his project along with inspirational albeit sentimental words. In addition, Banksy also released his official New York residency T-shirt, although you’ll have to “take the jpeg to a copy store and make it yourself.”
Both the audio guide and souvenir tee can be found over here. That’s it for now but it looks like we might be seeing more of the graffiti artist come December in Los Angeles.

Banksy’s “Better Out Than In” Hits Coney Island


British street artist Banksy continues his “artist residency on the streets of New York” with his latest public display appearing in the Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn. The image depicts a surprised robot spray painting a barcode on a brick wall as a pigeon flies above. Though no commentary was supplied in conjunction with this piece, some have noticed that the numbers “132741” under the barcode correspond to a color code for a dark shade of blue – a blue that resembles the one worn by the NYPD. Could it be a jab at New York’s finest or maybe just a look at the notion of consumerism? Now in the last week of his month long series, we’re anxious to see how it will all come to an end.

Banksy “Better Out Than In” Day 24 – ‘Waiting in Vain’


After a day off due to some increased police activity, Banksy is back on day 24 of his on-going “Better Out Than In” exhibition in New York City. The latest piece went up in Hell’s Kitchen on the doors of The Hustler Club along with the words “Waiting in Vain… at the door of the club”.