Apple To Announce New iPads , OS X Mavericks , and Mac Pro on October 22nd


Invitations are making their way for a special Apple event in two weeks and there is fervor of speculations on what Tim Cook & Company will unveil at the company’s Cupertino headquarters. Since it is a tradition now to push some of your best products just ahead of the holiday season, analysts are expecting Apple to showcase new designs on three fronts. First, an updated set of Apple iPad and Apple iPad Mini, likely with the new A7 64-bit processing, Touch ID, and iSight Camera found on the iPhone 5S. Second, the much anticipated OS X “Mavericks” build, a complete departure from the OS X “Big Cats” Series. And finally the Apple Mac Pro, a sleek desktop that might just reverse the downward spiral of desktop computing in terms of sales. Its worth noting that Microsoft and its new Nokia division will also unveil several new products on the same day, including the Microsoft Surface 2 tablet PC and six new mobile devices…
Announcement Date: October 22nd, 2013 (Tuesday)

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