BBC’s “The Look” Stussy Tribe

In an era where costly marketing schemes can over-stretch a brand’s budget, Stussy‘s DIY aesthetics and counter-culture beliefs have made it a timeless mainstay in the realm of streetwear. Harnessing an international following since its inception in the ’80s, Stussy’s influences from surf, skate, hip-hop and club culture have made it synonymous to youth, catering for a myriad of identities under its iconic logo. Here, we learn more about the seminal imprint via a retro documentary from BBC 4′s The Look series. Through an in-depth interview with Shawn Stussy, the clip unveils the craze surrounding the brand’s early days — a fad caused by the right balance between availability and exclusivity — and how staying true to its organic roots has benefitted Stussy in the long run. The documentary also compares Stussy with mainstream brands like Ralph Lauren and Chanel, in addition to providing some rare footage of archive staples like the International Stussy Tribe Varsity Jacket — a uniform piece representing Stussy’s rebellious motifs in subculture.

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