Kolohe Andino x SkullCandy Signature Headphones


The team from Skullcandy has partnered up with surfer, painter, and budding photographer Kolohe Andino to create a new bit of bling for your noggin. Inspired by the dark burgundy commonly seen draped over hot rods, Andino wanted to be behind a new exclusive colorway for his favorite Skullcandy ‘phones that he can wear while training and for mentally preparing for heats. As you can see in the preview shots snapped by the 19-year-old surf champion himself, Andino chose to go with the sturdy Hesh and slim Uprock over-ear models, rounded out with the Ink’d in-ear buds, each draped in an all-over burgundy save for the silver skull piece on he adjustable arm or pads, as in the case of the buds. Andino relies on the headphones to help give him the extra burst of energy before he surfs, amping him up to give it all during his runs. Take a look below for his images and hear a brief interview with Andino before heading to Target stores to purchase.

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