Louis Vuitton Foulards D’Artistes by RETNA, Aiko and Os Geméos


In a perpetuated tradition of artful collaborations–following the most recent Yayoi Kusama one–Louis Vuitton has gone street art with their scarves. For the Spring/Summer 2013 collection, Louis Vuitton invited three distinct street art personalities to refresh the French fashion house’s traditional scarf, shawl and stole models. Foulards D’Artistes celebrates the work of American artist Marquis Lewis aka RETNA, NYC-based Japanese artist Aiko, and Brazilian twins Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, otherwise known as Os Geméos. The twins presented the Mosaic Silk Square featuring sun and moon prints in bold repetitive fashion while Aiko served up the Giant Four Seasons Silk Square in 64 colors that reference the traditional Japanese kimono alongside the iconic LV monogram. Finally, RETNA’s Script Stole delivers “mysterious watercolor hieroglyphs designed with help from children” beautifully inspired by the Arabic and Hebrew alphabet.

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