The Black Keys Suing Advertisers for Ripping Them Off


The Black Keys closed out their 2012 by settling cases with Home Depot and Pizza Hut over having their music wrongfully used in advertisements for each company, and now the two-man group looks to take a few more advertisers to task. According to The Hollywood Reporter, last week, the duo filed a lawsuit in New York accusing Pinnacle Entertainment, which runs casinos throughout the US, and Manhattan Production Music, which creates music for commercial advertising, of unlawful use of “Howlin’ For You.” The Grammy-winning band is looking to prevent companies from continuing their use of “sound-alike” music in ads, claiming that one of their commercials used music allegedly “substantially similar” to the Black Keys song for Pinnacle’s L’Auberge Casino Resort Lake Charles, and another commercial ran using “infringing music” for a second casino. Pinnacle has yet to comment on the situation, but a rep for the casino tweeted out, “We bought a licensed musical interpretation of the song.”

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