Housing Building With 7 Units by Metaform Architecture

Metaform Architecture have designed a small apartment building in Luxembourg with 7 living units.


Project description

A discreet and reduced architecture with hidden openings based on a compact and pure volume. One of the main intentions of the project consists in the insertion of a residential building with 7 living units in its direct surroundings, marked by detached and solitary buildings in an suburban context. The use of a single light coloured material (fibre-cement panels) for the façade gives the building a monolithic aspect and preserves the quiet appearance. The composition of the different volumes merged to the continuous grid of the façade blurs the clear differentiation of the stacked floors, indeed often characteristic for an multi-storey housing project.

Each window has been individually conceived in order to frame different viewports or to manage the supply of natural lighting for the interior spaces. These lightly hidden openings play a major role in the desired sculptural image of this realization. The goal was to avoid the simple duplication of identical dwelling units. Here, densification is thought through individuality and this customisation following the wishes of the clients appears as the finalization of this work.

One thought on “Housing Building With 7 Units by Metaform Architecture

  1. On the face of it this building’s quite wonderful – the clean, polished look, the geometric shapes and a sincere attempt to create what could have come across as a very harsh design as something which could incorporate itself into the landscape and include something softer to balance the sharp edges out by way of the gardens (although these in themselves are kept highly ordered). However in terms of practicality I sense a few flaws – for such a modern building, the windows are relatively small, and I’m not sure how light the flats would really be on a dark cloudy day. I note that the flats were tailored to the client’s wishes, but otherwise I imagine it would have been difficult to market a home with what are effectively transparent walls in the bathroom. Also, a silly question – where’s the access to the indoor garden? I assume one of the glass panels is a door?


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