JonOne “A Beautiful Madness”

Jonone just released this video for his solo exhibition “A Beautiful Madness” at Fabien Castanier Gallery. In his first exhibition in California Jonone exhibited a range of new work. In the video Jonone discusses some of his history and the inspiration for the show. It is great to see him in the states and exhibiting this exciting new work as he recently has had great success overseas in Europe. A legend and innovator Jonone has a deep history in traditional graffiti, yet he still is able to draw upon those life experiences in his paintings. Jonone is an important figure not only as a historical graffiti figure, he is also one of the pioneers to transition successfully into fine and contemporary art. We showcase so many talented artists it is easy to forget some of the original innovators like Jonone. With the new work the artist continues his path into abstraction, color, hand styles, and letter form. Deep fields of color fight with repetitive hand styles creating purely abstract paintings. Texture that resembles pollack yet with the intention of dekooning, Jonone conversates with modern art masters in the new work, yet the true elements of graffiti make their presence felt just as loud. It is this balance of form, and concept that make his paintings move. A true contemporary body of work “A beautiful Madness” is a must see if you are in Los Angeles. Do not miss the chance to see this work in person.

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